Labor and Employment

Federal, state, and municipal laws effect every workplace in this country. The challenge is for an employer to know the laws relevant to their workforce; and that's not easy.

The New York State Human Rights Law protects more workers based upon their inclusion in various protected classes than the applicable federal laws. The New York State Human Rights Law generally applies to employers and employment agencies with four or more employees. One exception to the "4 employee" rule in this state is that the provisions which protect employees against sexual harassment apply to all employers - even if they only have a single employee.

The New York City Human Rights Law provides an even broader scope of protections for employees than the state does.

Employment laws on the federal, state and local levels are always changing. New legislation is always being considered and enacted. Every year, there are cases interpreting laws being issued by the courts that likely impact your workplace. Don't wait for problems to arise - get legal guidance on human resource management now.

Having been one of the first women in the Capital Region to have earned joint JD/MBA degrees, Ms. Grimmick understands the challenges businesses confront. She can provide the ongoing legal guidance designed to help your organization avoid or resolve workplace disputes.